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About Us

Having now entered the new Millennium and aware of the accelerating changes within the Construction Industry and the impact this will bring about, creating new challenges:

John Stacey Companies

Embrace continuous performance improvement, the formation of long term relationships within the total supply chain from conceptual stage. Ensuring competition is in the arena of innovation and intellectual skills (with less focus on low prices) fast changing procurement methods and ideas. Leading to partnering on best values.

To smooth out most of the delaying hurdles we have assembled in house expertise and resource enabling us to deliver (by controlling the means to create) a seamless service capability.


John Stacey & Sons Limited Contractors in Specialist Sub-Contracting
Materials Movement, Site Clearance,
Demolition, Excavation, Groundworks,
Earth Moving - on and off Site,
Recycling Concrete Products
Waste Management, Landfill Operators,
Waste Disposal Services
Plant Hire Specialist


John Stacey Construction Ltd Design and Build, Project Management
Facilities Management, Refurbishments,
Property Services


Stacey Developments Limited Property Development:
Commercial, Industrial and Residential,
Feasibility Appraisals, Site Procurement, Planning,
Feasibility Appraisals

Our Mission is designed to attract Clients and manage Customer Needs in all of the above disciplines coherently and concisely by trained experienced Staff and Operatives.

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About Us


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